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  • Designing the Ideal LLC: LLCs are the hottest ways to organize a business. An LLC can be better than a partnership, protect you like a corporation, but be more flexible. But only if they are designed to fit your needs. Anyone can form an LLC, but only a few can do it right. Find out what is needed to form and maintain a LLC with limited outside assistance to include planning your estate. Some outside homework using the Internet between the first and second session will be required.
  • GBS205 - Legal, Ethical, Reg. Issues in Business:  Legal theories, ethical issues and regulatory climate affecting business policies and decisions. This class covers the broad range of business law from the American Legal system to environmental law.

Coming Soon:
  • GBS206 - Business Law (UCC) Legal and ethical aspects of contracts, sales, commercial paper, secured transactions, documents of title, letter of credit, bank deposits, and collections.
  • GBS207 - Business Law(General Corporate) Legal and ethical aspects of agency, partnerships, corporations, bankruptcy, antitrust, securities, and other regulations of business.
  • AIS160 - American Indian Law:  Analyzes the legal system of the United Sates Government as it applies to American Indian Nations. Examines how United States legal institutions have impacted Indian sovereignty. Units of analysis include the development of Indian law, United States Supreme Court decisions, Congressional Acts, treaty rights and the development of tribal governments. Focuses on legal institutions that have abridged the property rights of Indian Nations.
  • GBS210- Computer Applications in BusinessLegal Studies Microcomputer applications in major areas of general business and legal studies. Availability and uses of current software packages in business-legal research. Provides hands-on experience with integrated software packages pertaining to business and legal research.
  • GBS211- Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues of the InternetStudies Legal, ethical and regulatory issues of the Internet environment, including personal, commercial and business electronic transactions in cyberspace. Prerequisites: GBS210 or permission of instructor.

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